Our Team

When you hire Nave Law Firm, you aren’t just hiring a lawyer, you’re hiring a team.

It’s this teamwork and shared knowledge that allows us to have the ultimate competitive advantage.  By our team focusing on helping solve everyday people problems, we’ve developed a reputation for compassion, honesty, and positive results that set us apart from the other firms.hello

Derek S. Andrews

Joanne Arndt-Coe

Denise R. Barrientos

Jennifer Bisson

Sean P. Carr

David P. DeSantis

Jeff Franceschelli

Athena S. Frantz

Andrew T. Geisler

Ralph Habib

Lauren M. Harsma

H. J. Hubert

Sean D. Kelsey

Maria V. Morse

Victoria A. Lezette

Dennis J. Nave

Aimée L. Tarin

Sean Scullion