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If you need or think you need an attorney, it may feel as if your world is upside down. We know you may feel nervous, anxious, and maybe scared.   Whether your situation is serious or minor, the consequences of hiring the wrong attorney can last a lifetime.

Nave Law Firm is a full-service law firm.   Through working to help solve everyday people problems; we have developed a reputation for providing friendly, quality legal counsel.  Through our below priorities, we have earned a well-deserved reputation for tirelessly and effectively representing every one of our clients to the fullest. 


We put a premium on the accessibility of our attorneys and support staff.  We are committed to providing you with support every step of the way.  We will ensure that all of your phone calls, emails or texts get returned ASAP. 


When you hire a lawyer from Nave Law Firm, you know that you will get a group of lawyers who are committed to your case and the practice of law.  Our team of attorneys has different strengths and backgrounds who often collaborate to work together to get the results you are looking for in your case.


Needing an attorney can be very stressful and impact you in every element of you and your family’s life.  We pride ourselves in treating our clients with professionalism, courtesy, and compassion.


We offer a variety of fees.  Our fees are reviewed with you in detail with no surprises.  We offer affordable payment plan options and can arrange a payment structure that works for you.


Every jurisdiction and every courthouse has its way of doing things.  The lawyers of Nave Law have represented our clients throughout New York State, which provides our clients with a huge advantage in the courtroom. 

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People we have helped
People v. JS

Dismissed. Client had a CDL and worked for the municipality, and had no chance of saving his job without CDL privileges. The Judge didn’t suspended pending prosecution, so motions were filed and the hearing was held in late 2017. The delay was due to several miscommunications between DA’s and our office. Our attorney, Robert Clark, argued the Trooper’s “welfare check” was improper because it was actually a Debour level four arrest based on insufficient facts not surmounting to reasonable suspicion and all evidence should be suppressed accordingly.

People v. JB

Dismissed. Client could not have a criminal conviction on his record and keep his job. Robert was contacted in mid-May by the ADA handling the case who received the memo-of-law describing how the stop was improper. Our attorney, Robert Clark, had previously won the DMV refusal hearing based on the same bad-stop argument. The prosecutor expressed that moving forward with motions and hearings were unnecessary and he was aware the stop and the evidence would be tossed. Expressed that he would be notifying the court that his office would be withdrawing the charges soon.

People vs. SZ

My attorney and his staff were wonderful to me. They answered all my questions quickly and handled this matter in a very respectful way. I would recommend the firm.”

People vs. SW

My attorney was great! I have already recommended him to friends if they ever need the help, to call him! He takes the time to really explain everything if you don’t understand something. He has a calm way of talking to you that gives you a sense of relief in a time you really need it! When it comes to communication, he was available to call or text 24/7. I don’t have any complaints!

People vs. ST

My attorney saved me a lot of time and stress by keeping my court appearances to a minimum and getting me a deal that was unbelievably great! I liked how he really got me the deal he did, because with my past record, there is not a judge in the world that would give me that kind of judgement. I know it’s not just because they got tired of listening to him. I would do a commercial letting everyone know about the great job my attorney did!

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