Difficult financial situations can happen to anyone. Our experienced team can help you navigate through this stressful time.

Business Law

Whether your interests involve you as an individual or as a business owner, a New York business lawyer can help you negotiate and interpret...

Civil Litigation

When disputes occur, and informal attempts to resolve them are unsuccessful, lawsuits are a common method of attempting to settle...

Criminal Defense

Everyone deserves an advocate to fight for their rights, and ensure that they are treated fairly.


Even when both parties have the best intentions, divorce can get complicated, stressful, and often results in disputes.

Drivers License Matters

After receiving notice that your New York driver's license has been revoked or suspended, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain...


We’re dedicated to providing a vigorous defense to individuals charged with a DWI, and our Syracuse DWI lawyers have a deep...

Education Law

Our lawyers have substantial experience helping students and parents, as well as administrators and educators, navigate the complex...

Family Law

Just as every family is different, every family law situation is unique as well.

Guns & Firearms

New York State permits qualifying residents to own handguns. More specifically, article 400 of New York Penal Law dictates pistol permits.


With immigration issues ranging from deportation to naturalization, our team is equipped to handle a variety of related cases.

Landlord & Tenant

Our lawyers represent landlords and tenants in both commercial and residential legal issues, including lease negotiations and disputes.

Personal Injury

Whether you have questions about personal injury law, or are in the middle of an open case, our expert team of attorneys are equipped...

Real Estate

For many people in New York, buying and selling real estate is a big financial decision that is not to be entered into lightly.

Traffic Tickets

Have you been charged with a traffic violation in CNY? Then you should be hiring a traffic attorney in Syracuse, NY. We have you covered!

Wills & Estate

Here at Nave Law Firm, our team is dedicated to ensuring your wishes are respected after you pass.