“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” -Teddy Roosevelt

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“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” -Teddy Roosevelt

About Robert

Senior Attorney

Bob brings years of courtroom and criminal trial experience to Nave Law Firm and its clients as the Senior Attorney in Albany, New York. As the lead attorney for the firm’s New York Capital District region office, Bob is responsible for crafting unique defense strategies for clients facing criminal charges ranging from the simplest offenses to the most complex ones. He has spent most of his time in the courtroom, first as a prosecutor in NYC and then as a defense attorney fighting for his clients, and he has taken numerous cases to verdict before juries. Bob regularly researches developments in the law and incorporates new knowledge into his practice to ensure he and his team can better represent his clients.

Since his law school graduation and for the vast majority of his career, Bob has practiced criminal law and has worked with and against many of the best criminal law practitioners in New York. He is passionate about defending individuals facing criminal charges on matters ranging in complexity in state and federal courts. He understands that each client is unique, and the best result and path toward it will change from person to person.

Bob’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree (Criminology) from the University of Tampa and a Juris Doctor from Villanova University School of Law, as well as extensive trial practice training from the Queens County District Attorney’s Office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the EDNY, and certification as a Criminal Trial Lawyer by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA). Bob also completed an internship with the Connecticut State Police Forensic Science Laboratory, where he studied evidence collection, preservation, and analysis and developed expertise in all matters related to the admission and suppression of evidence in criminal cases. He has testified as an expert on police tactics and methodology concerning violent crime investigations, and he has a deep understanding of New York Penal Law as it relates to pleas, final dispositions, and sentencing. He also has extensive experience with federal criminal law and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Bob devotes 100% of his practice to criminal defense matters throughout New York.

• License Matters
• Criminal Defense
• Traffic Offenses
• Criminal Trials in State and Federal Courts throughout NY

• Villanova University School of Law (JD)
• University of Tampa (BS)
• New York State Bar
• United States District Court, Eastern District New York
• United States District Court, Southern District New York
• United States Circuit Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit
Phone (518) 459-1224
Fax (518) 453-1033
Office Address 125 Wolf Rd, Albany, NY 12205
Favorite Movie: Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid
Favorite Vacation So Far: Alaska
Proudest Moment: My Dad’s funeral with full military honors
• New York State Bar Association
• City of New York Bar Association
• Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Why do i do what i do?

Following his work as a dispatcher for his hometown police department, Bob decided early on that he wanted to pursue a career in criminal law, and soon after that, he completed his college degree and enrolled in law school. His first job after graduation was as an ADA with a NYC prosecutor’s office – and he immediately knew he was hooked. Two years later, he was cross-designated to serve as a SAUSA for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, where he investigated and prosecuted major crimes, including homicides and international drug trafficking. Bob then decided to move to the defense table, and he opened and operated a successful criminal defense law practice in NYC and Hartford, Connecticut, for more than 10 years. Since joining the defense bar, Bob has handled several high-profile matters, including: the investigation of the Sean “Puffy” Combs shooting at Club NY that resulted in Mr. Combs’ acquittal on all charges; the “Babysitter Murder” where Connecticut prosecutors sought the death penalty for a 21-year old woman when a child died during a game with a sleeping bag, but Bob was able to demonstrate the death was accidental and the client pleaded to a lesser charge and has since been released from prison; the Linda Henning murder of her boyfriend’s wife, wherein Bob raised a Manchurian Candidate defense and reached a plea with prosecutors of 27-months prison time in exchange for the location of the victim’s body (Book September Sacrifice by Mark Horner); and the defense of a large metropolitan area Police Sargeant on federal corruption charges whereby Bob successfully argued federal agents had entrapped his client by providing him with a kilo of cocaine in order to engage in a ruse sting, which led to a plea to a lesser charge that carried 75% less prison time. Through his years of experience on both sides of the courtroom, Bob learned that the criminal justice system can be unfair and break down even the toughest among us if they don’t understand how the system works and have professional legal representation of the highest caliber to guide them through every step. Therefore, he has dedicated his practice to defending individuals charged with crimes who deserve to be defended by an attorney willing to go the extra mile.


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The entire team at Nave Law is second to none. They are dedicated, hard working and responsive. During my experience I felt as if I was their only client. Communication was exceptional as well as the dedication and attention to my case. Thank you all for everything!
Fast, honest and professional. I had court in 3 days and was about loose my license and Nave Law firm took care of everything and I didn’t even have to go to court. They were worth every penny and I will recommend them to everyone. Thank you again Nave law Firm!
Honest great lawyer, and very empathetic and reasonable. Their Willingness to work with you and help is amazing. Would highly recommend. Not one of those slimy lawyers that milk every dime they can out of you. One of the good ones.

Filled with hard-working employees and highly communicative about the information that they need from their clients, Nave Law Firm treats your matters with friendly manners and seriousness towards the situation. My case was handled with detail and I never felt as though I was being neglected.

It’s hard to see the “light” after you’re in such an awful position. It’s important to choose a team who will literally be by your side through it all. Working with this firm was the best decision I could have made.
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