Jeff Franceschelli

“We have nothing to Fear but fear itself” –FDR
About Jeff

Justice is easily obtainable when those who know the law pursue to fight to help others.

Jeff Franceschelli is a retired operations lieutenant with over 27 years of experience in keeping the city safe through active actions against criminal acts. He frowns at injustice coming from anyone regardless of their societal status or reputation. His bravery puts him on the favorite list of most citizens as he is well known to swing into action whenever duty calls. He is selfless, smart, and talented with excellent investigation skills.

Jeff’s skills go beyond oral testimonies. He is a certified DCJS instructor, Evidence Technician, Crime Scene Preservationist, and interviewer/interrogator. He is also a former DRE (Drug Recognition Expert).

Before retiring, Jeff has functioned perfectly in several offices where he demonstrated excellent skill in coordinating several efforts toward success. He was the president of CNY Trainers Association, a member of the NYS Adult Incarcerated Education Program (NYSAIEP) board of trustees. He was also a board member of Madison County Healthy Families and chairman of the Madison County Inmate Reentry Program.

Jeff derives pleasure in helping people get through their difficult times using everything within his power as a weapon of justice. He is a man that believes in being part of the change he wants to see in the world rather than waiting for others to get it done.

As a client advocate, Jeff is again on the frontlines, talking with clients and helping them through difficult times. This time on the defense side, Jeff will be utilizing his experience as an arresting officer to help determine if there are potential mistakes from the arresting officer. That experience will then allow our legal teams to expose potential defenses quickly.

Why Do I Do What I Do?

I get personal satisfaction in assisting clients during stressful times in their lives, and helping them overcome their issues.

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