Nave's Neighbors is an initiative that celebrates local organizations that make a difference in our community while giving our community access to a variety of resources.

Each month, we will help share their message and events with our staff, clients, and social followers to help our community take action to help these local organizations.


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With a vision to become a community nationally recognized for empowering caregivers to lead their families with strength and grace.

Parenting can be difficult under any circumstances, but it's especially challenging for those who provide full-time care to children with special needs.

These parents rest, reflect and renew with David's Refuge, where respite and community remind them that they are not alone, the care they give matters, and God and this community love them. Complimentary weekend retreats empower couples with self-care skills that build stronger relationships, families, and communities.

Volunteer hosts bring these parents closer to the caregiver community, sharing a common bond and offering critical support. The experience continues with ongoing guidance and special events that engage families and the public.

To learn more about David's refuge, please visit

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