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Heroes serve others, are brave, determined, selfless, courageous, and inspirational. How we define a hero is different for everyone. Each month, Nave Law invites the community to submit people who are CNY heroes. Once a month we will pick a winner, and that hero will receive a $100 gift card. Each December, we will share each of the winner’s stories on social media, and whoever gets the most shares will win $1,000.

Make sure your hero would want to win as if they win we will contact them to congratulate them.

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This Months Hero

Nave's Heroes Post_James Perrotta

Why They Are a Hero?

As the Safety Director of the largest school district in Suffolk County, New York, James Perrotta was called to arms when the coronavirus pandemic hit its darkest days. James led a diverse community of more than 25,000 through treacherous waters by providing meals to families, laptops to children so they could continue with their studies, and COVID tests to everyone to keep the risks at bay as the virus raged on. When other authority figures in the county struggled, James was there to buoy them back up, providing encouragement and support through emergencies big and small. Each day, James spent professional and personal time making certain everyone around him was safe, sane, and provided for. Congratulations on being this month’s Nave Hero, James!