Nave Cares

Our unique way to increase the well-being of community members through a program of philanthropy.

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Our unique way to increase the well-being of community members through a program of philanthropy.

Our commitment is twofold. First, to foster an environment where people come before profits. We believe if we put people first, we can create, develop, and implement systems of change. Second, it is to provide valuable resources that allow members of our community to grow. We feel that when we help each other grow, that is the best of humanity.

CARES also stands for our core values: Client focused, Accountability, Respect, Empathy, and Synergy.

Mission Goals

The mission of Nave Cares is to transform the meaning of legal services by putting people before profits. The goal of Nave Cares is to go beyond what our clients and community expect of us. Legal issues can be surface-level. We want the work we perform to improves not only the lives of our clients but also our community and staff.

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Our Initiatives

Ask Nave icon

Ask Nave

A weekly segment where we answer legal questions provided by community members.

Nave Heroes icon

Nave’s Heroes

A monthly initiative to honor local heroes. We allow members of the community to nominate someone who they feel is a hero in our hometown.

Naves Neighbors icon

Nave’s Neighbors

An initiative to highlight local companies that do good things throughout our neighborhood.

The Community Giveback Project icon

The Community Giveback Project

An initiative to give back to the community. Each month for essential employees in sectors within our community we will show our support by offering to handle a free traffic ticket for the hard-working people in this specific sector.

Addiction Support icon

Addiction Support

An initiative to help provide addiction resources. Addiction is a tragic issue in our community. We hope this initiative helps make treatment more readily available and help people get back to healthy and happy lives.

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An initiative to help support future generations. We’re offering a scholarship to high school seniors who have overcome adversity.

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Join the challenge where local organizations compete to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis.

Heroes Honored
Free Legal Tips
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