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November 26, 2019


Why is Thanksgiving Eve considered to be the busiest drinking day of the year?  Below are four of the main reasons:

#1.  Most people have the following day off. Unless in the foodservice industry or most recent years, the retail business, this is a holiday celebrated all over.  With no religious or cultural affiliation, it’s a holiday for everyone in the US.

#2. No one wants to entertain guests the night before hosting a large Thanksgiving meal. With all the effort going into the big day, the night before the turkey is carved is a time for respite and relaxation. Spend Thursday in front of the stove, take Wednesday night off.

#3. Everyone is home for the holidays and wants to see old friends. While you are likely to be sequestered with your family on Thanksgiving itself, the night before offers a chance to get out and catch up with others returning to the area you grew up in. Kids are home from college, folks who have moved away return to where other family is, and Thanksgiving Eve is the perfect opportunity to see each other.

#4. Thanksgiving Dinner is the perfect hangover cure. With plenty of starches and rich, fatty foods, Thursday’s meal is useful for taking the edge off if you happen to tie one on the night before, and it’s often eaten early in the day. Plus, that tryptophan-laden turkey will set you up for a nice post-dinner nap

Additionally, according to, Syracuse is among the top cities in the country for the increased sales at bars on the night before Thanksgiving.  Womply, a digital marketing, and business research firm, used data on credit card transactions at 3,000 bars across the country in 2018. They compared Thanksgiving Eve to average weekdays throughout the year. Womply ranked these cities in the Top 10 for Thanksgiving Eve bars sales boosts in 2018:

    1. Los Angeles: 141% increase vs. typical Wednesday
    2. Akron, Ohio: 134%
    3. Boston: 143%
    4. Cleveland: 130%
    5. Rochester, NY: 103%
    6. Orlando: 84%
    7. Oklahoma City: 82%
    8. Chicago: 82%
    9. Syracuse, NY: 80%
    10. Tucson, Ariz: 79%


“Thanksgiving is approaching,” Womply reported, “and folks in Syracuse are going to get sloshed.”  So if you plan on going out, have fun; however, if you drink, don’t drive.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving has partnered with UBER to offer free or discounted rides to all New York state residence, outside New York City on Wednesday, November 27th, the night before thanksgiving.  The promo is good for up 10 $10 on a ride hailed between 9 p.m. Nov. 27 and 3 a.m. Nov. 28.

To use this promotion, use the promo code SAFERIDENY19 on the Uber app. (Go to the menu, tap payment and then Add Promo.).


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