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Family Law in New York State

October 29, 2020



Navigating the various legal issues that can arise between family members can be uniquely challenging. According to the 2014-2018 American Community Survey, the overall divorce rate in New York State is 5%, which might be lower than the United States’ divorce rate of 10.9% but is still a significant one. Besides divorce, however, there are plenty of situations in which people in New York state need an experienced family law attorney’s assistance. No matter the details of your family law situation, our lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to help.


Common Situations When New York Family Law Attorneys are Needed

Some of the most common reasons besides divorce that you might decide to retain the assistance of a family law attorney include:


  • Child custody. The continuation of a strong bond between parent and child is critical to custody decisions. Ensuring that your child has a safe and supportive home is essential to your child’s well being. An experienced family law attorney can make sure your rights are protected.
  • Child support. Parents who do not hold primary custody of a child are responsible for contributing to the child’s financial needs. Regulations in New York State determine the amount that non-custodial parents owe in child support. A family court attorney can help ensure that your interests are protected when navigating Support Courts.
  • Domestic violence. There is a high risk of domestic violence and harassment following the separation of couples, but domestic violence can occur in many other situations. Fortunately, an experienced family law attorney can help victims get an order of protection and help defend those unjustly accused of a family offense.
  • Equitable distribution. Property acquired during a marriage must be distributed fairly and equitably following the terms of New York law.
  • Grandparent’s rights. Besides parents, many children also share important and life-changing bonds with grandparents. A family law attorney can help grandparents protect their right to visitation and make sure they continue to contact their grandchildren.
  • If a court order or custody arrangement already exists, and there has been a change in circumstances between or with the parties, it can be modified with an attorney’s help.
  • Before parental obligations can be established, paternity must first be determined. An attorney can help establish a link and the resulting obligations between father and child.
  • Prenuptial agreements. By retaining an attorney’s services before marriage, a person can reduce both the costs and stress that would occur in the event the couple divorced.
  • Postnuptial agreements. When an agreement between partners is entered into after marriage, this is classified as a postnuptial agreement, and an attorney can help write one.
  • Spousal support. New York law recognizes that after a marriage ends, one spouse is often found responsible for the other spouse’s financial support for some time to make the other spouse’s transition easier.


Why a New York Family Lawyer’s Help is Essential

It is often tempting to navigate family law matters on your own, but in reality, a skilled family law attorney’s assistance is often critical. Some of the factors that make our family law attorneys stand out from the competition to include:

  • If you decide to navigate the family law process on your own, you can quickly find yourself facing questions to which you do not have an answer. By teaming up with an attorney, you can make sure that you have answers to any questions that arise. This way, you are always prepared for whatever lies ahead.
  • Courtroom experience. Litigation experience is not to be underestimated. Family law attorneys have spent an extensive amount of time arguing in family law cases and know what it takes to win even the toughest issues. Years of family law experience give our lawyers the experience necessary to create strong legal tactics and how judges will respond to arguments. While you might attempt to go it alone through a family law issue, it is almost always a much better choice to team up with a seasoned professional.
  • Expert advice. Most family law matters revolve around the advice of various experts and professionals, including financial planners, mental health experts, and physicians. The most seasoned family law attorneys can call on a team of experienced professionals who can utilize their expertise in nuanced areas to support your case and increase your chances of reaching your desired outcome.
  • Knowledge of opposing counsel. Many family law attorneys have interacted in the same court system for years and develop relationships with other lawyers in the field. Our lawyers rely on this knowledge of opposing counsel to make sure that you have the strongest legal strategy possible and increase your chances of reaching your desired results.
  • Skilled at non-litigation options. Family law attorneys can inform clients on several alternatives to litigation, which might be preferable to avoid the stress that going to court can place on relationships. Mediation can be an attractive option because it allows individuals to communicate with one another and reduces expenses. During mediation, a facilitator guides individuals to an amicable agreement. While mediation is not for everyone, many people have used it successfully and found it a preferable option to proceeding to court.
  • Objective planning. Even if you initiate a divorce, you are likely facing many complex and likely overwhelming emotions. The rush of intense emotions can cause many people to make sudden or improperly planned actions, leading to undesirable consequences. By retaining a family law attorney, you can rest assured that you will be given objective advice about which decisions are best to make for the present and the future. An experienced New York family law attorney can also help you avoid any mistakes you would later regret.
  • It might seem counterintuitive, but many people who attempt to navigate family law issues on their own end up paying more in the long run. The most experienced attorneys understand the complexities of family law issues and achieve the desired results for the lowest price possible. Not to mention, our attorneys charge competitive rates.

Speak with an Experienced Family Law Attorney

Family law is full of obstacles, but an experienced attorney can help. Contact Nave Law Firm today to schedule a free case evaluation. A dedicated attorney will remain committed to making sure your family situation resolves in the best possible manner. Contact our law office today by calling 855-349-NAVE (6283).

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