People v. JV

When I was Charged by the NYSP with DWI DRUGS While not even in my vehicle, “I was actually eating my lunch at Burger King due to a low blood sugar attack” I contacted the Nave Law Firm. Bob was assigned as my council and from the start, he seemed invested in my case. I believe after Bob got a better picture of who I was and that I had never had run-ins with law enforcement he was eager to help. After he met with me in person and listened to my side I believe he saw the injustice in the arrest! I also “believe” We had a lot in common from past experiences. Bob was always pleasant he was very intelligent and was well versed in New York Vehicle and Traffic Law. The case was resolved with a Plea deal in which I paid a fine, received 5 points on my license. My license was never SUSPENDED OR REVOKED and kept my driving privileges throughout the entire process. There are some hurdles before an attorney is involved to keep that privilege. Do your Research!! I did NOT plead to any alcohol or drug-related traffic Misdemeanors!! The only other Part of the “Sentence” was called a “Conditional Discharge”. This basically means during 365 days from my conviction date I have to stay out of trouble. Shouldn’t be too hard my last conviction for any traffic ticket was in 1988. Bob is an EXCELLENT ATTORNEY! The Firm worked with me on payments as I am on a limited budget. Nave Law Firm is the REAL DEAL!