Meet the Team @ Nave Law

An investment in Solving People Problems
Nave Law Firm is an award-winning, full-service law firm that focused on solving everyday people problems.

Each day we are approached with various problems, questions, and concerns.  But what everyone is searching for the same thing; an honest, competent, strong, and winning defense to a problem that they have. That is what we provide.

We carefully selected the very top lawyers and administrative staff, each with unique experience and expertise.  We are seasoned professionals and acknowledged leaders in our practice, having represented people issues in all types of legal matters.

Derek S. Andrews
Senior Attorney
Joanne Arndt-Coe
Senior Legal Assistant
Denise R. Barrientos
Firm Administrator
Jennifer Bisson
Senior Paralegal
Sean P. Carr
Senior Client Advocate
David P. DeSantis
Senior Attorney
Jessica Dunn
Senior Paralegal
Jeff Franceschelli
Client Advocate
Andrew T. Geisler
Associate Attorney
Sean D. Kelsey
Chief Operating Officer
Dennis J. Nave
Managing Partner