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Introduction and Scope
It is very important to us that we get things right. Our Customer Service Policy has been established to reflect our shared values. These values set forth our basic principles for working with each other, our customer and our vendors, and include CARES (Customer Focus, Accountability, Respect, Empathy and Synergy)

Customer Focus: Every day we strive to enhance the total customer experience trough a commitment to delivering solutions and services that help our customers be valued members of society. To succeed and earn the trust of our customers, we are unified in our responsibility to be great every day.

Accountability: Accountability and integrity are at the core of everything we do. We are accountable for our actions to our customers, our community, and to each other. We do not make commitments we do not intend to keep.

Respect: We foster an environment of teamwork and mutual respect. We respect each other, our customers, our community, our competition, and are unwilling to abandon each other, even during the worst of circumstances.

Empathy: Beyond caring about each other and our clients, we must always try to understand the cause of someone’s behavior, accept them and treat them as we’d like to be treated.

Synergy: We collaborate with others to maximize our knowledge and to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of any separate effect

Nave Law Firm Customer Service Credo
We will understand it’s all about the experience. It’s not the product and services we offer but the experience we create and the memories that we leave with the customer;

1. We will make service, personal.

2. We will be responsive. We will mobilize all the skills and knowledge the moment that the customer needs it…not a month later.

3. We will make the customer part of our family, we are transparent and don’t withhold any information. We try, when able to get them actively involved in creating a solution to any problems.

4. We will educate our customers, understanding that we may be a huge firm, but making clients feel as if they are doing business with a small independent firm;

5. We will tap into the customer dreams. Surprise them;

6. We will make customer service a priority for the WHOLE Company, not just a department.

7. We will make WOW a verb that is part of Nave Law Firm’s company vocabulary, daily;

8. We will empower and trust the employees that they want to give the best service, because they do. Escalations to a supervisor are rare;

9. We will realize that it’s OK to fire a customer who abuses customers/staff;

10. We will view each call with a client as an investment in building a customer service brand, not an additional expense seeking to minimize;

11. We will find and hire people who are already passionate about customer service;

12. We will give great customer service to everyone; customers, employees, vendors;

Feedback and Complaints

Our primary goal is to meet and surpass your expectations in every interaction. Comments and feedback from you regarding how well your expectations are being met are welcomed and appreciated. If you believe

something has gone wrong or are dissatisfied with our service, we have a procedure to assist the early resolution of the problem. Our aim is to uphold the quality standards we have set ourselves and improve upon them by learning from mistakes and from what our clients tell us about it. This will help us to improve our standards.

While we take utmost care to ensure that we provide our services efficiently, courteously, and to a high standard, we understand that issues may occur. A complaint, however it is made, will be investigated, resolved, and used as a means to improve our standards of service.

If at any time during your interaction with Nave Law Firm you are not happy with the level of service you experience, although it is not essential, it would be helpful if you could provide details of your concerns in writing, please submit a detailed summary of your concern to: or by submitting the form below or by calling Danelle Cerett directly by phone at 315-200-1579. We will follow through with an investigation until the issue is involved. Resolutions will be discussed with you, and then implemented to ensure your complete satisfaction. Your request will be given the utmost attention and courtesy with open two-way communication until the issue is resolved.

What Happens Once You Provide Feedback or Complaints

We believe in transparency, so once you provide feedback below is the process in how we will handle your feedback and/or complaint.

1. We will acknowledge receipt of your feedback or/or complaint within 24 hours of us receiving the complaint;

2. Your complaint will be recorded for monitoring and management information purposes and a separate file will be opened;

3. We will immediate investigate your complaint. This will normally involve passing your complaint to a partner and the legal team associated with your case;

4. We will write to you within 7 days of receiving your feedback or complaint, confirming our final position of your complaint and explaining our plan for resolution;

5. You will never be charged by the firm for our investigation of your feedback or complaint;

6. In the rare occasion you are not satisfied with the resolution of the feedback or complaint, we will arrange a review by Managing Partner, Dennis Nave and/or Chief Operating Officer, Sean Kelsey.


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