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Here at Nave Law Firm, our team is dedicated to ensuring your wishes are respected after you pass.

Plan ahead and make sure you have the right documents in place with the help of our team. We will get to know you, help you evaluate the best options for your situation, and provide expertise and guidance along the way. Contact us today to get started or learn more about our other practice areas here.

Estate Planning

After someone passes, it is important to know how they wanted their wealth and assets handled. Estate planning is the process of preparing instructions for the transfer of your assets after you pass. This could include your life insurance, vehicles, property, or debts. Call the team at Nave Law Firm to make sure your loved ones are left in good hands.

Medicaid Planning

The team at Nave Law Firm can help protect your assets so you are able to benefit from Medicaid if need be.  We will help you navigate the legal work so that you are prepared if you find yourself in need of in-home or long-term care.

Living Trusts

Throughout your lifetime, you can contribute to a living trust to transfer your assets to appointed beneficiaries once you pass. You will also appoint a successor trustee to act as your representative. The trustee will be the one to choose when the assets are transferred to the beneficiaries.

Living Wills

A living will outlines what kind of medical treatment a person wants or does not want to receive if they have a terminal illness and cannot communicate their wishes. The team at Nave Law Firm is here to support you and ensure that your wishes are respected.

Long-term Care Planning

Prepare for your later years efficiently and strategically with the help of Nave Law Firm’s attorneys. If you find yourself in need of care services, having long-term care plans and legal documents in place will help you get great care you are comfortable with.

Trust Administration

A trustee is in charge of the management of the assets and terms in a trust. If you need guidance as a trustee, beneficiary, or settlor with trust administration, the team at Nave Law Firm is here to help.


Once a loved one has passed, you may need help distributing their assets or settling their debt. Our attorneys at Nave Law Firm have experience with probate law and can provide expertise during the process.

Health Care Proxies

In the circumstances that a patient is not able to make decisions for themselves, their proxy is someone they legally deem as their representative to make choices on their behalf. If you need help with related issues, contact the expert lawyers at Nave Law Firm.

Income Tax Planning

Think you are paying too much in income taxes? The tax attorneys at Nave Law Firm can help evaluate your income and suggest the most efficient asset planning and tax reduction processes. Reach out to the team today if you are interested in learning more.

Power of Attorney

If someone is granted power of attorney, they are granted the ability to act on behalf of the appointer on their financial or legal matters. If you have been granted or are interested in granting someone power of attorney, contact the team at Nave Law Firm today.

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