Meghan Lavin

“Somewhere in the winds of change I found my true direction.” – Mimi Novic

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“Somewhere in the winds of change I found my true direction.”
– Mimi Novic

About Meghan


Meghan’s passion for helping others started early and was reflected in her substantial volunteer work throughout high school. Meghan’s community involvement was so vast that she was named Monroe County’s Youth Citizen of the Year in 2016. She dedicated herself to causes that helped kids learn leadership skills and Special Olympic Ski Instructing.

Meghan started her undergraduate career at St. Joseph’s University, where she was on the Women’s Rowing Team. After her first year, she transferred to Nazareth College, where she spent two years earning degrees in Legal Studies and Community and Youth Development. She spent many studies on trauma-informed care and the intersection between incarcerated youth and their social and emotional development. In her free time, she coached a high school rowing team in the area.

While completing her undergrad, Meghan worked as a Youth Mentor in a charter school in Rochester. In this role, she supported 25-30 high-risk, low-income middle school students with their social and emotional development and academic success and ensured that their 504 and IEP plans were being adhered to by the school. This job is what ultimately persuaded Meghan to pursue her Juris Doctorate so that she could be a better advocate for young people in the future.

Civil Litigation
Demand Letters
2nd Amendment
Syracuse University College of Law (Juris Doctor)
Nazareth College (Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, in Legal Studies & Community and Youth Development)
Pending New York State Bar Admission
Favorite Movie: Uptown Girls
Favorite Vacation So Far: Austria
Proudest Moment: Graduating a year early from undergrad with two degrees

Why do i do what i do?

Meghan’s goal is to give her clients a voice so they can be heard and have their rights protected through our legal system. In addition, Meghan understands that when someone is in a position where they need to seek legal representation, it is often a very overwhelming and frightening time in their life. For these reasons, she is dedicated to aiding and supporting her clients while resolving the matter.


A team that consists of attorneys, counsel attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, interns, and advocates.

It’s this teamwork and shared knowledge that allows us to have the ultimate competitive advantage. By our team focusing on helping solve everyday people problems, we’ve developed a reputation for compassion, honesty, and positive results that set us apart from the other firms.

We are here to give you what you need most: Help.

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trusted representation
trusted repre-

Our honest, transparent approach to client representation helps us better protect our clients.

we know how to win

With more than 100 years of experience, we leverage our insight to benefit our clients.

24/7 access to our team

We are dedicated to being a faithful and reliable support system for our clients.

what our clients are saying
It’s hard to see the “light” after you’re in such an awful position. It’s important to choose a team who will literally be by your side through it all. Working with this firm was the best decision I could have made.
Honest great lawyer, and very empathetic and reasonable. Their Willingness to work with you and help is amazing. Would highly recommend. Not one of those slimy lawyers that milk every dime they can out of you. One of the good ones.
Fast, honest and professional. I had court in 3 days and was about loose my license and Nave Law firm took care of everything and I didn’t even have to go to court. They were worth every penny and I will recommend them to everyone. Thank you again Nave law Firm!
The entire team at Nave Law is second to none. They are dedicated, hard working and responsive. During my experience I felt as if I was their only client. Communication was exceptional as well as the dedication and attention to my case. Thank you all for everything!

Filled with hard-working employees and highly communicative about the information that they need from their clients, Nave Law Firm treats your matters with friendly manners and seriousness towards the situation. My case was handled with detail and I never felt as though I was being neglected.

Solving everyday people problems.
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