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About Lauren

Lauren Harsma has over 10 years of experience in various professional capacities. Prior to her role as Operations Administration Assistant at Nave Law, Lauren held positions in many divergent departments including office coordination, human resources, community management, and legal assistance. With degrees in creative writing and English literature from SUNY Oswego and the University of Leeds in England, Lauren was brought on with the firm in part due to her superb writing and editing skills.

After working with environmental law firm the Chanler Group in numerous supportive roles for over 6 years, Lauren joined 501(c)(3) nonprofit National Novel Writing Month as their Communications Captain, where she was in charge of handling participant matters ranging from website troubleshooting to conflict resolution to web store issues.

Lauren’s responsibilities at the firm are largely focused on providing administrative and legal support for attorneys, paralegals, advocates, and clients. She also assists with HR and IT matters. Quick, passionate, and good-humored, Lauren is ecstatic to have found herself in the legal field once more: she has a strong sense of justice and endeavors to help make a difference in people’s lives each and every day. She anticipates pursuing her Paralegal degree in the coming years

Why Do I Do What I Do?

“A Syracuse native, I am thrilled to be helping members of my community, as well as all over the state of New York, get their lives back on track. I understand that to err is human, but also believe that such errors should not define the trajectory of someone’s life. Empathy and consideration for my fellow humans is extremely important to me, and I am proud to represent a firm that believes so strongly in taking great care of people.”

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SUNY Oswego – Creative Writing

University of Leeds – English Literature






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