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Losing a driver’s license privileges impacts all aspects of a person’s life. Even if a driver can restore license privileges, the drivers must still meet stringent criteria and pay increased insurance premiums. One of the best first steps to take in avoiding a license or suspension is to understand what charges can lead to these unfortunate results.

The Difference Between Suspension and Revocation
The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles categorizes which offenses lead to revocation and which lead to suspension. License suspension constitutes the loss of driving privileges for a time, while revocation involves the permanent loss of a license. Following either suspension or revocation, drivers must pay to have their licenses restored.

If revocation has occurred, drivers must re-apply to the DMV, which can then refuse driver applications for various reasons. Sometimes, drivers with either suspended or revoked licenses can obtain conditional or restricted licenses letting them travel between work or satisfy other needs. To navigate these complex areas, the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney is critical.

Reasons Why New York Licenses are Suspended
The most common reasons that New York driver’s licenses are suspended include:

  • Alcohol-related offenses. This category includes both driving while intoxicated and refusing to take a breath test when requested by law enforcement.
  • Driving without insurance. If a driver is found to be operating a vehicle without appropriate insurance, the driver’s license will be suspended for one year.
  • Point accumulation. If a person accumulates more than 11 moving violation points on a driver’s license within 18 months, that driver’s license will likely be suspended.
  • If a person receives three speeding tickets in one 18-month period, the driver might lose his or her license for at least six months.

These are just some of the most common reasons that driver’s licenses are suspended. Some of the other reasons include failure to pay traffic violation fines, not paying court-ordered child support, and not submitting accident reports when the law requires a motorist to do so.

Common Reasons Why New York Driver’s Licenses are Revoked
If you are determined to be driving with a suspended license, you can end up facing a serious offense referred to as Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle, which occurs when a person operates a motor vehicle on a public roadway while knowing or having reason to know that the person’s driver’s license is revoked or suspended.

The other common reasons that a driver’s license is revoked include:

  • Being involved in an accident as an uninsured driver
  • Conviction of driving while under the influence or other serious traffic offenses
  • Driving a vehicle without adequate insurance
  • Failing a DMV road test, but driving anyway
  • Lying on a motor vehicle license or registration application

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