Tell us about your hero for a chance for them to win a $100 gift card.

Heroes serve others, are brave, determined, selfless, courageous, and inspirational. How we define a hero is different for everyone. Each month, Nave Law invites the community to submit people who are CNY heroes. Once a month we will pick a winner, and that hero will receive a $100 gift card. Each December, we will share each of the winner’s stories on social media, and whoever gets the most shares will win $1,000.

Make sure your hero would want to win as if they win we will contact them to congratulate them.

If you have a hero, please complete the following form: 


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This Months Hero

Nave-Hometown Hero Winner-Reynolds

Why They Are a Hero?

This month's hero is self-explanatory. Derek is a local firefighter who goes above and beyond the call of duty daily. Thank you to Derek and ALL the selfless heroes that are fireman/firewomen.